Marketing Strategy

The greater abundance of goods and services available on the market today, the less distinct the criteria that the user can guide the choice of supplier. As a result of a number of companies offering similar services or products, it is likely to choose the one where, among other things, he was paying full attention and satisfy all of its "supplementary" requests. Therefore, when the organization begins churn, the first thing to do – is to assess customer satisfaction and to identify factors influencing its level. What is included in the assessment of satisfaction? 1. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with James Reinhart. Confidence in the company / brand / product. Degree of trust the brand determined by several criteria, which are the basis for making a purchase. Among them – the past experience of using products of the company, history and image of the brand's advertising information to the real state of affairs in the organization and others. All these criteria have different weights in the overall assessment of trust, so you should focus on the weighted average value, and correlate it with those of competitors.

Usually trust develops after the first call to the company and is based on two or three dominant factors that will determine the likelihood of subsequent purchases. 2. Loyalty to the company / brand / product. Degree of loyalty can be defined as the probability with which the consumer is willing to temporarily accept some unsatisfactory conditions of his interaction with the company because of the positive attitude towards it, that is maintain a commitment. Typically, loyalty is formed during long-term cooperation with this or that company or consumption of certain goods / services when the experience becomes part of the life of man and his difficult to change the existing foundations. 3. Factors influencing satisfaction. Market research has confirmed that satisfaction is caused by the presence of certain qualitative factors, which, in addition to solution to a pressing problem, the buyer receives added value from interaction with the company or consumption of its products. Just marketing research showed that to identify such factors necessary to correlate the characteristics of the goods and service, breadth of product range and the main value-added services, conditions of service in the field of sales, time and convenience expectations, the availability of location companies, price, reputation, and much more. From this list it is clear that the evaluation of consumers of one parameter depends on other parameters, and only a comprehensive measure of trust, loyalty and all the factors gives the total picture of customer satisfaction.

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