Changing Labor Relations

They also imposed a change in labor relations, economic, cultural and social change in the mindset of the individuals themselves. Like others, carriage of ICT are: Easy access to a vast source of information quickly and reliably process all types of data communication channels Automation immediate storage capacity of Digital Interactivity works all information All people in the world without differences of class, race and / or disabilities should be easily accessible knowledge and information, but unfortunately in today’s world is far from reality to achieve that dream, and despite the tireless battle to star in some things change, there is still much to do this regard.

With regard to the above at the World Summit on the Information Society in Geneva 2003, the Declaration of Principles was strongly advocated for the application of ICT would benefit all aspects of life and were reflected on numerous approaches. Below is a summary (Table 1.1) developed from a report by the United States government which reflects the situation that presents the world in terms of access to the Internet and can be presented with regard to access population 3 Table 1.1. Andrew Cuomo addresses the importance of the matter here. Internet access by geographical region. RegionUsuarios connected to the Internet (million)% of total users connected to Internet% compared to the total population and regionEE.UU 271.8America Canada162.84077Europa113.962815.6Asia109.89 Latina16.2842.67frica4.0710.45Total407100 These data are very disturbing because they reflect clearly how ICT are not reaching uniformly to all persons in our society.

According to Dr. Pere Marques Graells, University of Barcelona, Spain, despite the excellent credentials that ICT tools are highly useful for anyone, and of course essential for any company, there are several circumstances that hinder their wider dissemination to all activities and social groups: 4 brakes for the expansion of ICT Technical problems: Incompatibility between systems, low speed to surf the internet and for some tasks (speech recognition …) Lack of training: knowledge and skills, aptitudes and attitudes conducive Security Issues: unauthorized access, insecurity when shopping Virtual Economic barriers: despite the progressive cheapening the price of equipment is high for many..

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