Dehydrate Fruits

Dehydrated food retains its nutritional properties. One of the advantages of dehydrate them is that fruits and vegetables in season when they are cheap to use then can buy.There are several ways to dehydrate, here are the most commonly used: the Sun on a wooden frame key a blanket of sky or a well restirada plastic mesh. Top arrange fruits and vegetables. Put them in the Sun and turn, at least once a day.Cover with another blanket of heaven to protect them from the flies, mosquitoes and dust.At night, you must save the frame under roof.Most fruits and vegetables take 3 to 5 days in to become dehydrated. Indoor electric dryer: takes a cardboard box without lid lined on the inside with foil aluminium (the brighter side towards the inside of the box; a tray or a griddle of the size of the box and a 60 watt bulb joined with a bakelite socket and an extension.You must make a small slit in one of the corners of the box; through her focus. Paint tray or griddle Matt Black for the part below, when cuando seque dry tape with her the cardboard box, with the black side facing down.Grease top with cooking oil, so that deshidratara not sticking.Place the food on the tray; connect the extension cord and approximately will be dehydrated in 12 hours.To prepare fruits and vegetables must choose those in good condition, ripe but not past. Wash them well, Peel’s thick shell and cut into thin slices, so they dry well and soon (ensuring that all slices are of the same thickness, with the purpose of that dry at the same time).You put a few minutes in water with lemon juice those foods that are enegresen with the air (for example, the apricot, banana, peach, Apple and potato).Continue reading article > Home/Home BLUE index of recipes author original and source of the article

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