Doodle Jump: Small App Great Effect

As a small program celebrated great success there are thousands apps for the Apple iPhone or the iPod touch, which users can purchase, but go that master just in bulk, but managed to pull a game like a second like Doodle so many Apple fans in the spell jump. For weeks, was 7 MB and 0.79 euro cheap game in the Top10 of the most popular apps in the United States, Germany and France and was a huge success. Now the game has been downloaded over three million times. But what makes Doodle jump so successful? The unique comic graphics and the small game character called Doodle make virtually impossible for likelihood of confusion. But the addiction factor possesses the game probably makes it so successful, single target always higher and higher jump with the little doodle. While the virtual character will repeatedly on new monster, moving platforms, and numerous items that help him to climb higher and higher. Everyone is trying a new high score and the best set up in his circle of friends to be and right there the addictive Doodle jump attacks. Another recipe for the success of the programme is the regularity with which manufacturer Lima Sky free releases new updates and adds additional game elements.

Different game worlds will be provided, so you can jump with the Doodle by a Christmas landscape or even outer space. There are now leaning apps from other manufacturers, as so often in successful concepts, some copies or much of the gameplay. But all of the fan community for the little Doodle is too big, now, even your own online leagues formed to determine the best players. Lima sky has written a true success story with a relatively simple idea and made it to one of the apps of all time best selling thanks to its regular updates Doodle jump. Meanwhile, Doodle jump for the PC is available, thanks to clever programming, protierten the game in their spare time.

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