Eduardo Baron

I identified with my readers, I thought big and put a simple phrase, if goes to my customer well, as my business purpose to my me is going better. The key of the success was learning, study on the creation of businesses, focus, action and persevere. I was that many of the people who I read must be in my same situation 11 years ago I had 40, gave me fright started a company and failing. I needed to raise my family and in this country did not have anyone to ask for help. So I did what I had to do, start, because failure was not an option, so I deleted it from my dictionary and had only one goal, to succeed and converted the publication in the best of the area and the country. If you have the illusion of having your own business, do not hesitate more, prepare, follow the steps and do it.

If I could do it, you may also. I am not a special being, I’m not smarter than you, I am not better than you. I just did something you have not done, start. Someone taught me that life is like a large buffet full of delicious food that everyone wants to reach. To eat you only need two things, one, get in the line and the Second, do not get out of the row. How are you going to know if your business can be successful if it does not start? And if you do and closed shortly thereafter you will not discover.

Perseverance and action go hand in hand. And vision and reinvention are one word, one that translates to success at the end. Tomorrow will go to the panel to tell the audience that I plasme here, the same message, start your business, there is no better time than this to do and find someone who has traveled the road which will guide it.

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