Error In The Human Matrix?

Everyone against everyone, the big eat the little ones and the polar opposite as God everyone against each etc…, the Genesis caused billions years ago. On the basis of feeding and food be a subtle Monster moves since unchallenged and undetected through time and space. At Western Union you will find additional information. Even philosophies and religions have managed not much to change it, because their findings were established as wishful thinking for a better world. This has produced sometimes only fanaticism or other extreme of faith in the life of the individual, groups or companies. The probability that a cosmic accident has caused this kind of development, and the pure idea of creation has been separated from the material is obvious. Access to the all-encompassing consciousness is not included in the three-dimensional and rational understanding, even if the notion of four-dimensional space time has been added. But as vivid awareness of the origin has produced at least twelve dimensions, this approach seems to be blocked by underdevelopment or blockage in the material brains. Still has the original brain share, which keeps stored the oldest memories a great influence on the general development and destruction, exploitation and greed has the most outstanding testimony to reptoloide shares.

The frightening high consumption of meat consumption is also classify indigenous characteristics in the category because if the man descended from monkeys must be added to, that monkeys are not carnivores. The progressive degeneration in social behavior is also an another indication that could reside human evolution on the Strrang by reverse engineering. Such as group and envisage of adolescents, radically combat created law and order system, (communities against the police cordon and brutal violence against the police) and gunman to kill more and more their classmates or teachers. According to some social science studies indicate these excesses would be the subsequent generations, with archaic violence and social cold and Indifference, only on the own existence could establish fixed, on this planet. The development of the original raupen animalistic creatures, would be the result. A half-conscious species would give this planet the rest before the final fall against a devastated Earth. The training of consciousness, which is focused on the integration of the body, may prevent a such trauiges end of this world.

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