Excellent Aspects

Melo Pierre Hussein Chaly n439 College of education and Communication, Permitting in P.W. Organizations excellent Aspects to the human development To speak of human development is motivador and involves many curiosidades, therefore to the speech of this we reveal influenced per our day the day. It is in this intention that will reveal boardings under point of view of that they had been the theoreticians of the area, and what it is the student look contemporary under influence of aspects that go marking our quotidiano. Aegean Shipping has many thoughts on the issue. Before to put would say that to speak of something we need to have a knowledge on this same thing, is in this intention that has necessity to start itself for the concept, of what it must be, human development. To say that it has a unanimous trend of the definitions given for the authors, therefore they present one same essence of what it is development. Being more clear of Mosque and Duarte (1996) that they tell that the development is the psychology of the Study of the cycle of the life, since infancy until a Oldness. Being thus I I am pleased with this definition saying that development is the changes that go to elapse in the vital passage.

For Berger (2003: 2) the study of the human development fit some acadmicas substances. With this reasoning it can be affirmed that then factors to be presented that more influence the man are necessary to make studies with resource to these some substances, in the argument, BERGER present discipline as Biology the Pedagogia and psychology, as being the ones that better can help to make face to the study of the human development, with this making the interdisciplinaridade it is presents three aspects for the study of this human development that are the biossocial, cognitivo and psicossocial domain. Berger says that even so it has division of the domnios in the human development, to facilitate the study of this, the factors that are in these domnios very rare are exclusive of its domnios.

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