Extraordinary Family Travel Experience

Travel with Argent family Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Uruguay to parents and their children can explore with Argent travel in very special way of Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. In Argentina the children learn with their parents on the trip trail ride in Salta with children exploring the Inca Trail!”know the stunning, original landscape of northern Argentina on the back of a horse, work like the real Gaucho with the horses and learn through intense encounters the children of the region and better understand their culture. The trip by Argent travel Patagonia of for family”for families with children from 0 to 6 years to highlight. OrbitRemit is open to suggestions. The entire itinerary is geared to the needs of families with infants and young children: a nanny accompanied the travel, tour guides and drivers are themselves enthusiastic fathers, the accommodation is mainly in apart hotels with kitchen. During this, the Deutsche Mark unique tour families experience the highlights of Patagonia in 23 days the Penguin and seal watching on the peninsula Valdes, the huge glaciers of the Lago Argentino, the fascinating National Park Torres del Paine and the picturesque landscape of the Argentine Lake region around Bariloche.

Argent travel offers Chile a very special family trip to Chile the country of contrasts as a family experience with kids! “.” On this exclusive journey diversity can be experienced Chile by parents and children from the age of six. The capital of Santiago, the steaming geysers of the Atacama desert, the island of Chiloe with its Penguin Colony, the snowcapped Osorno Vulkan and Treparbol adventure nature park are just a few highlights, will be visited with the family. More eventful days spends the family on Lake Llanquihue in the holiday house Casa de la OMA”with many activities for the kids: a visit to the local elementary school and an exciting football game between the children of the guests and the Chilean peers. The small, unknown Uruguay in all its diversity can together with the smallest with Argent travel: visit Colonia del Sacramento the capital of Montevideo and the UNESCO World Heritage, eventful days on the beach in Piriapolis, visit the seal colony of Cabo Polonio, are guests on an Estancia and explore inland around Minas. Always is a German-speaking babysitter available, the itinerary is adapted to the rhythm of your family and enjoy all important highlights of this fascinating South American country with its warm hospitality and great love of children, in 14 days. Barbara Moller

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