Food Processors

Nozzle-grinder is virtually identical to conventional grinder. K-grinder attachment and a separate grinder you can buy a variety of knives, perforation of the lattice and various attachments. Kebbi Modern grinder equipped with even the attachment for the preparation of national Kebbi eastern dishes. The question arises: what to buy? Actually a meat grinder or processor mincer-attachment? When you select should focus on what you want to get on the machine. If you are trying to do a variety of meats, of course, better to buy a meat grinder.

If you put more emphasis on vegetables, preparation of beverages, sauces and pastries, then you need a combine harvester. And if you want to get it all at once, you need a processor with an attachment, meat grinder. Harvester with a nozzle manufactured by bosch, model mum 4655EU. Innovations from various producers Moulinex. Function of a turbo kit increases the usable volume of compact bowl Food Processors at 30%, ie 1,5 l (in other compact models, it is usually from 0.5 to 0.8 liters). By design, it is plastic frame. Turbo function – to overcome the bottlenecks in the work.

Function beating – sets the required rate of mixing. Automatic speed control – maintains selected speed constant regardless of changes volume and consistency. The automatic recognition of nozzles and automatic selection of the desired speed depending on the processor installed in the nozzle. Bosch mcm 1200 eu excellent choice for cost-conscious people. This compact processor has a pulse mode, which allows you to receive minced or mashed different texture without changing nozzles.

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