Pansy bring gardeners in the flowers of the spring happy playful children not only adults, but provides enthusiasm even if the kids. The Pansy is the ideal plant for a garden project with the small balcony or terrace. Easy to clean and with cute flowers in every color of the Rainbow, each young gardener finds his favourite violet. A specially designed plant box crowns the first gardeners experience. Also children of the outdoor areas of the House on the new discover with the first warm days.

A small garden project offers a fine opportunity to nature, to discover new species and the joy of gardening together with the little ones. The Pansy, the best-known type of violet, is the ideal plant for beginners for budding gardeners. With their typical flower pattern, which is reminiscent of a round face, which is as a flower with a face”known Pansy children often particularly sympathetic. UPSs opinions are not widely known. The large flowers show all Range of colours from white through yellow, red, blue to violet and black; many varieties are also two tri-color as the favorite color of the kids definitely is. The mini garden is a special highlight in the autumn and increases the motivation for the permanent care of the plants in the children.

Best applied the Pansy bed in a specially designed box. Commercial orange or Apple boxes can be painted it with waterproof color, motif and colour are no limits of the imagination. Then, the box is filled with loamy, humic soil. It is now just have to decide which Pansy may retract into the colorful Palace of plants. With a little help from the parents, the plant is then inserted into a prepared hole and gently pressed down from the top with about Earth. During maintenance, the Pansy is quite straightforward. Regular cast, it promises without fertilization or site airs and graces, a sense of achievement for the small green thumb. With one Height is between ten and maximum of 30 centimeters the plant even for Tots handy. It is also a safe project for particularly curious children that pansies are absolutely non-toxic. There are tips and tricks for handling Gartenbluhern diepflanzenfreude at and on Facebook at.

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