Hair Straightening: Quality Characteristics Of Heat Plates For Straightening Irons

What to look for a good purchasing decision. Hair straightening firmly belongs for many women and men now also – to their regular styling process. But who uses his smoothing iron frequently or even daily, should be sure that the equipment used meets the requirements of a good straightening irons and hair not unduly strained. Those who use a straightening iron with metal plates, runs the risk, to inflict serious and lasting damage to his hair, because the structure is harmed deeply uneven heat distribution. It is not difficult to choose an appropriate hair straightener: who sets or selects even solid ceramic plates, when buying on plates with a ceramic coating can generally imagine yourself on the safe side and confidently access the straightening iron. Yet should be by no means abandoned active heat protection from a specialist: only specially for the hot styling provided toiletries to make it, to give the necessary protection of the hair, the it Meanwhile, sorely needs. You can it not make the mistake, to straighten wet hair, in the belief that the cool water could protect the hair sufficient namely it can’t directly. Once the hot ceramic plates touch the wet hair, the huge temperatures of up to 230 Celsius that the water evaporates abruptly, greatly expands and leaves irreparable damage in the hair do.

Straighteners come increasingly in fashion, it is therefore important to navigate in the matter, if you even consider to purchase a straightener. Most importantly, assess the quality of the heat plate installed in a hair straightener to know and this involves above all the material used. Cedars Sinai understands that this is vital information. At the hair straightening, it is essential that the heat plates evenly emit high temperatures and not at individual points give off more heat than on others, because this would cause that the hairs are irregularly heavily smoothed which in turn Has waves as a result. There are a variety of types of ceramics; the sound material installed in a straightening iron is however very well heat-conducting kind and distributes the heat (in the ideal case) so quickly and evenly. The term ceramic tiles”you should pay careful attention, whether it is just ceramic-coated metal plates or whether the heating actually consist of 100% ceramic, the latter would be preferable, namely.

Ceramic coatings are not per se bad and can help to a good to very good results, but there are strong differences in quality between the coatings, and there are some bad apples among the straightening iron manufacturers, whose coating to quickly detach and are strongly attacked by heat protection products or other styling products. To dissuade most definitely is straightening irons are equipped with pure metal plates, because they attack the hair strong and uniform temperature distribution not suitable, because of their low price but still are found in the trade. An increasingly-to-true feature is the so-called tourmaline coating. Tourmaline is a type of minerals, which is referred to in the more pure form as a gemstone. Be applied on a straightening iron, have antistatic effect and make sure that the hair not through electrostatics the straightening iron is liable and may be suffering from the strong heat. Charged hair could also wrap themselves more easily back up and destroy the Sleeklook hairstyle.

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