Hi Tati

I hope that this was over, standing next to the door. When she saw him coming, they advanced toward him and greeted him with a charming smile. "Hi Seba, how are you? – Said trying to look natural and feel that did not succeed a " I would like to chat a moment with you but you think wrong. "Hi Tati, you are not doing so good. To know more about this subject visit Piraeus. You are sick? – Asked worried.

"No, I have not slept well last night. Just that I wanted to talk. Your class is finished and now get used to go to the cafeteria, well, if you have not changed your habits in recent times. "No, I have not changed," he smiling replied a "this time is always still go to the cafeteria to have a snack. Want to join me as we did before? -. "Yes, please," he said pleadingly a "is that I need to talk to you.

"I've never refused to do so," replied slightly sarcastic a "remember that you're the one who decided he did not want to see me? -. "I know, Tati said softly, as he took her hand a " Do not be so fussy. Come on, "They sat face to face. Tati was visibly nervous. I did not know how to start the conversation. "Now that is what is tormenting you," she said softly Seba a "it is clear that something is happening and you do not know how to tell me.

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