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A greater consistency in updating content, more likely to have more content in the databases of search engines and therefore be positioned in a wider range of keywords. Another tip, design a Web site from one that allows you to update the contents of your page from a cyber cafe in the Bahamas while you’re enjoying your holiday. Home Page, the gateway to repeat the visits The Home page is the first thing your visitors see, is where we send the message that the portal has been updated, there are new things that were not since your last visit. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Maersk and gain more knowledge.. A news section, tips, articles or events with headlines that are updated on the home page helps communicate the freshness of content on our site. Designing a carousel of featured products in the home page also conveys the sense that new products have been incorporated. Do not make up the time of its visitors. Welcome delete those pages that say, “did you get to the website of my company, click the button to enter”, the same can be said of those home pages that only display the flags for the languages of the portal. Each of these pages is an obstacle to his visitor realizes that the page was updated. Promoting discussion groups: building a community Many experts agree that Web sites that have the highest success in their businesses will be those able to create community. A visitor feel part of a Web portal is the best way to get good clients and subscribers.

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