Hyundai Accent

Such a machine is – it's Hyundai Accent / Hyundai Accent. And here's another very important factor – Accent surprisingly affordable. None other car has such a good ratio of price and quality. " The main thing for you – just choose the most suitable complete set of five offered a choice. You can choose the Hyundai Accent solely because of its pleasant appearance, but if we take into account unprecedented comfort and driving pleasure, the Accent – the obvious choice. Emphasis is widespread in Russia. Numerous shops offer to do tuning Hyundai Accent, capable not only to change his appearance, but also significantly improve the technical capabilities. Fans of this brand have created your own club Hyundai Accent, indicating that its full recognition in our country.

Everything that you get on Actually – it's freedom of movement, freedom of the circumstances, freedom from barriers. Versatile, spacious and easy to drive Hyundai Santa Fe / Hyundai Santa Fe / will always be a reliable companion in your ideas. Undoubtedly, you have your own unique style. And of course, you want to and your car has a personality that distinguishes it from other . In this case, the Hyundai Santa Fe Classic – the best choice. His strong and confident, the characteristic appearance – Not just a personal style, this declaration of independence from the usual stereotypes.

Car Classics – 6-cylinder V-engine volume 2.7 liters. Famous powerplant Delta series of company Hyundai. Has aluminum cylinder block and cylinder head. This engine has an impressive power reserve of 173 hp and fully comply with muscular profile of Santa Fe. Modern diesel engine with direct injection Common Rail, four-cylinder, in-line arrangement. The main advantages – high-torque and efficiency. By a power reserve of the car with this engine is perfectly suited for the Russian expanses. Steel car body . Amplifiers in the doorway of high strength steel are used to secure the side protection. Disc brakes on all wheels and abs in all of the car. Impeccable design, advanced security system and an expanded set of auxiliary equipment of the new Santa Fe reflect the essence of the brand Hyundai – striving for perfection and self-confidence. Hyundai Tager / Hyundai Tager / – all-wheel drive car with a radically sporty appearance. The model uses the licensed aggregate base Mercedes (engine and transmission) and has a classic off-road layout and facilities. Their true capabilities Tager begins to show when the normal end of the road and off-road begins. With the switch on the dashboard the driver can easily connect the front axle at a speed of 70 km / h, and in particularly difficult cases can take advantage of reduction gear. Grip greatly enhances the unique system of traction control (ABD). Working in together with abs, this system when it detects any slippage of the wheels automatically retarding it, passing the torque wheel having better traction at this point.

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