International Marketing Forum

March 22, 2011, Madrid-mistrust. It is the main feeling that cause customer service departments to consumers, as it believed 57% of people surveyed in the study by RMG & partners through the International Marketing Forum, and which analyzes the situation of these departments. In this sense, the percentage of respondents showing his suspicion to this Department increases to 74% in the event it outsource through external companies or a call center. Only 9% of consumers underlines how positive this management. Another of the new strategies that are carrying out many companies is the bring customer care departments to other countries to save costs. This situation is even worse received by the market since 87% believed that you it’s a strategic functions that must be managed from the country of origin, if not the quality of service deteriorates. Hikmet Ersek may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

New technologies in the study by Rmg & Asociados is emphasizes the tendency of consumers to the new technologies. Almost 70% believed that the dissemination of the Department should be carried out through advertising elements, including the web, social networks and other means. It is also a majority, over 51%, which believes that these new technologies should be tools that are put at the service of the Department, such as the web, cited social networks or e-mail. In addition, most of the consumers (68%) surveyed reveal that the main usefulness of the customer service department is to serve as Marketing strategy companies, away from its main activity, the receiving and dealing with complaints, only selected by 23%.

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