Investment Strategy

Today the population of Ukraine and Russia experienced not a single wave of economic crisis, more than a dozen scams. People over 15 years does not depart from the shock of the collapse of the MMM. What does this mean? A small remark. The man who once burned with a hot iron the rest of his life will not care even for the cold, before you touch it by hand. So we arranged that so do we all life. And there is another solution you ask? YES! Another solution is – For example you can look at the fork Iron – Is it? If the plug is enabled – this means that the iron is likely to be hot. Another option – you can see where the iron – if he is on an ironing board – a most cases it is hot, and if on a shelf in a box – cool.

What am I doing? Theme is totally different! But all the above is of direct relevance to the topic of investment. People once scalded at MMM and other scams are already in literally spit on the cold iron, and sometimes does not take him in hand. And do not be so smirk! You, too, so do! If we interpret the remark in the context of investing, we can draw the appropriate conclusions. What would Save your valuable time, I will describe their views, and if there is a wish, you add the fact that I do not have.

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