Kazatkom Malovodnoe

As a result, in the 90s left the country nearly 4 million Germans and Slavs. The once cheerful country, with well-kept villages exemplary, especially in northern and eastern regions, gradually developing from cities at once become hypertrophied education, which has the force of the two capitals, plus a couple of neftegorodov. The rest of the territory like the learning curve "Wild West" in the U.S. in the 19th century. On individual, isolated from each other territories, there is the presence of man, until you can grab tenge and other colored candy wrappers. While it is recognized that a number of cities, where dominance persists Slavic population, such as Petropavlovsk, Ust-Kamenogorsk, and some others, even against the policies of the Kazakh ruling elite manage to ensure the development and maintain order, much better than the Kazakh Shymkent, Atyrau and Zhambyl. However, and this The situation apparently had no liking for the powers that be in Astana. Now Nurek environment relies on encouraging candid nationalism.

In addition is a deliberate policy of "smears" are not related to Islam Kazakhs to Muslim civilization, and thus strengthen the identity of the Kazakh people. Now, in the national media issues of national policy mainly addresses the desire to please the authorities to provide Kazakhstan the international community in the form of a peculiar island of stability, and prosperity of the oasis in Central Asia. However, the reality is increasingly say otherwise. Recently, as a result of murder opposition politicians, purposeful destruction of villages and Krishna take tough amendments to the religion law, fighting in Shanyrak and Bakay, inter-ethnic clashes in the Tengiz Karabatan, Shelek, and Kazatkom Malovodnoe – Stable Kazakhstan, most desirable, but not real. This suggests that the country was now at an impasse of social and ethnic conflicts since the loss of life, and on the media imposed secret tube in their coverage.

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