Kindergarten Graduation

When all the children had gathered to celebrate their graduation in kindergarten, you will come to a professional artist – specialist in child and akvagrimu razrisuy all baby-faced, in accordance with their wishes and their festive moods. Akvagrimera our best to book (at least 1 hour) before the main theater play program, all children would by that time were beautiful and were able to participate fully in it without being distracted by the work of the artist. The main program – is perhaps the most important thing in the celebration – graduation in kindergarten. Then, as they say, imagination has no limits. Due to our vast capacity (pirates, Indians, clowns, Malvina, Pierrot, Vasilisa the Wise, many others) – we can offer you a huge selection, such as characters and script. In addition, given the characteristics of some kindergartens, at the suggestion of his scripts and ideas – our company has a wonderful service Chudetstvo 'Individual scenario'. You can make adjustments to already existing scenario or to offer us a completely new one.

Our experienced writers (with a profile higher education) and the actors work out and beat the script of any complexity. To holiday in kindergarten was filled in long memory in children and parents – we suggest you order the professional photographers and video operators. And after a couple of days you will be able to close family circle to refresh your memory of those beautiful moments in life when he was celebrating 'Kindergarten Graduation'. For enchanting event many kindergartens order our professional show bubbles. Baby soap bubbles show lasts 20-30 minutes.

During this time, children will see the incredible figure of bubbles, juggling a bubble carousel of bubbles, bubbles and smoke, burning bladder, as well as extraordinarily beautiful and fantastic 'Try-clothing' of the bubble. Children not only will young audiences to holiday 'Graduation in kindergarten', but will most directly participate in the show – and all children! Artist is a unique genre – a professional of his craft and is known to show not only in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region – its number is well aware of people and capital and other cities of Russia. Also you can have on children's party cakes to order the original, which his taste and design diversity will surprise even the the most sophisticated, not only children but also adults. Our cakes – this is truly a work of art. The shape and design of which the master can perform not only the words of the customer, and even pictures! So, you've already thought about everything and decided? It remains to calculate and understand all of what will fly penny prom organization in kindergarten! It's simple – trying to solve this problem on its own, you risk overpay huge amount of money, or organize it dull and not noticeable. Misconception – 'The show we will order here for those balls, and the animators do a third'! By providing you with the service 'Graduation in kindergarten' most profitable order it as a 'complete package' ie under the 'key'. In this case, is guaranteed to receive a 5% discount on each service. And the entire responsibility for the organization of the holiday will fall on us!

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