Lightweight Flywheel

Most riders, mounted on their cars tuned lightweight flywheel. This is done for the sake of adding capacity. So why do we need a flywheel, what it can be written below. I think the title is clear the main advantage of lightweight flywheel, it is his weight. He weighs 1.5 kg less in comparison with the conventional flywheel. Need to know to achieve weight loss in the flywheel, you need to remove metal with a max. radius and not small, since the removal of metal with a small radius, it will only hurt the part.

This is for a note for those who want their hands to reduce the weight of the flywheel. So why do we need a lightweight flywheel? The flywheel spins up more quickly, with its inertia decreases. In other words, it allows to improve the dynamic quality of the car. The engine will start much faster than dial max. speed can be achieved power up to 5%, but only if it would be a new otreguliovan engine ottyuningovan correctly and competently, but in this case, you can see an increase in power of about 5%, otherwise, nothing you will not notice! Buying a lightweight flywheel will not make much effort. His buy without problems in the auto Store, Libov in the online store. It costs relatively expensive at around Lada 1000 gr.

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