Mario Benedetti

His death is a tear for Spanish-language literature. The work of Mario will be always, Mauricio Rosencoff very difficult to ignore the physical disappearance of the great Uruguayan writer, who conquered many by the simplicity of their texts and deep in their messages, also per that poetry that we shared in life. Ana Maria Shua, novelist and short story writer says about him, that his poetry never be pardoned him that achieved such popularity. It was perhaps the last great popular poet. She starred in all genres. He was a writer and an endearing person. In her readers awake emotion and tenderness. Xoom may find this interesting as well.

Maria Rosa Lojo, novelist and critic says: is the author of a very vast, narrative, poetry and essay, and even theater. I think that Argentines always asociaremos it with the truce, which gave rise to a movie so emblematic as the same novel. Mauricio Rosencoff, playwright, pointed out: all your literature was an affirmation of national identity. Benedetti was a single, committed, caring man, a soul mate. I want to highlight their integrity, transparency and goodness.

Benedetti, was considered a poet who also writes short stories and novels, he believed that poetry was a relief of the intimacy that alludes, unwittingly, to the reader. In poetry an exchange of intimacy is given to intimacy, as he told the nation in 2001. I do not write for the reader that he will come, but for which is here, little less that reading the text over my shoulder, wrote, and synthesized, perhaps unintentionally, the core of his poetry and his prose: accessible language, syntactic simplicity, universal love experience, oblivion, resistance, boredom, loneliness, the fullness. When I bury please / don’t forget my pen, wrote Benedetti in corner of haikus, a book of poems by rigid Japanese metric that published in 1998. His atheistic conception of life (I believe in a personal God, who is the) consciousness) included a time and a space to finally uninterrupted worldly, devote himself solely to writing.

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