MARWI GmbH supports the College-wide Moodle learning platform in the University of Munich Berlin/Munich, November 16, 2009 – with start of winter semester 2009/10, the College-wide E-learning platform Moodle at the University of Munich is technically supervised by the MARWI GmbH. The MARWI GmbH, realized the implementation of open source learning management system (LMS) Moodle. Learn more on the subject from Amazon. In addition, it assumes the second level support for the E-learning employees of the College. For almost 14,000 students and about 600 professors, lecturers and employees a number of improved functionality was introduced. For example the registration via single-sign-on or a ticket system for reference.

A repository (document management), which allows a central document access for all users of the platform, or the E-portfolio tool Mahara will be implemented in the next step. We opted for the MARWI GmbH as Managing Director Udo Scharf of E-learning is an expert in open source software”says Susi Hailer diploma media hostess of the Faculty of applied social sciences of the University of Munich. The MARWI GmbH is a Berlin-based company for solutions in the IT sector. It offers any service related to the Internet. The MARWI GmbH, elsa24 is a leader in particular in the areas of knowledge and quality management, E-learning, and open source learning management system (LMS). On November 18th and 19th find improve the MARWI GmbH at the fair! 2009 in Hall D at booth 15 journalist contact: Stefan Doblinger,

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