Matthias Siedenburg

within a very short time with print logo and engraving or print the name badges is pleased systems Siedenburg to, the badges are available now within the shortest time in small quantities. EuroAmericana Inc. is often quoted on this topic. Metal nameplates classic CollectionBisher it was so, that just before the important fair appearance or presentation of the product name tags were necessary were temporally but not feasible, since the delivery time with pressure average about 2-3 weeks are high-quality name badges. So was picked then often too simple solutions, which do not meet the demands of the event. With the nameplates of the classic collection in the digital thermal printing nametags, systems Samanta now has a nameplate in the range that can be when using the express service within 3 days, and with a scratch-resistant, digital printing, as well as an engraving or print of the name, and even with a minimum order of only 1 shield! Nametags systems Siedenburg INH. Matthias Siedenburg King coupling 11 24768 Rendsburg Tel: 04331 332374 fax: 04331-332375 Click here to find out more! production and manufacture of nameplates. ation. Founded in the year 1999 owner Matthias Siedenburg. Customers throughout Europe, storage of standard nameplates. Import and export. Sales to commercial customers only. Resellers receive special conditions.

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