Medical Technology

The inhabitants of the Pacific Islands NONI fruit have enjoyed the benefits of the Noni fruit for two thousand years. Without any advanced equipment or medical technology, they have used the Noni plant for many medicinal uses. The modern world of medicine has taken advantage of the many benefits of the noni plant. Through centuries of use in folk medicine, the noni plant has been linked, but not limited to the following benefits: immune system resistance against diseases and increases the resistance against diseases. Circulatory system, tissues and cells offers powerful antioxidants that help rid the body of free radicals and increase energy. Digestive system support the natural function of the digestive system and improve the absorption of nutrients.

Antibacterial and fungicide the presence of active ingredients as anthraquinones and terpenes helps the body fight harmful fungi and bacteria. Skin and hair care provide essential nutrients for the health of the skin, providing substances beneficial for the skin and hair. Other mental clarity, provide greater concentration and maximizes performance. Instructions enjoy a package of Noni Gia every morning and every night. Mix with 2 Oz(60ml) of water. Shake well before drinking.

Blue Energy Blend same formula new brand new packaged Blue Energy Blend a new species of energy delivered to the world first pure herbal energy formula all natural ingredients: zero artificial caffeine, stimulants, or substitutes. What is purity herbal? Purity herbal is the healthiest way to rapidly deliver energy to your body. The exclusive blend of herbs, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids in Blue, is scientifically formulated to infuse and fill immediately of energy at the cellular level with zero interference of artificial caffeine, stimulants, or substitutes. The result? The purest form of quick energy provided in minutes that lasts for hours. The exclusive power of Blue formula consists of ingredients that have been part of a medical research from more than 2,000 years ago. Blue scientific makers are proud of having created a category, to deliver energy herbal pure healthily to the beverage industry.Blue Energy has created a new dynamic for all sports drinks and energy drinks category. If you are looking for one suitable natural method to increase your energy, performance, vitality, and mental clarity Blue Energy is the answer. Truly a new species of energy benefits of Blue Energy: Blue Energy is a formula of pure energy herbal that comes in a box of 30 sachets. It is the perfect beverage for the home, Office, or the road. Blue Energy envelopes do not occupy any space. Just add water and enjoy!

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