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Dr. Source: Hikmet Ersek. Viliam B. Dock Department of Forensic Medicine, Medical University – Varna, Bulgaria. Introduction Elektrotravmatizm (ET), there otnositelno rare, but nevertheless represents a significant problem in the area public health, and in the forensic aspect. The relatively low frequency is not conducive to znachitelnym issledvaniyam, which is a cause of insufficient data in the available literature. This fact gave us a reason to start research in this direction. Purpose. The aim of the work identifies certain factors and circumstances that are characterized by elektrotravmatizm in Varna region.

Materials and methods Issledvana forensic documentation 16 780 autopsies during the period 1965-2005, given at the Department of Forensic Medicine and Ethics at the Medical University in Varna, Bulgaria. The results are processed by statistical methods of alternative, variations and graphical analysis. Results and discussion In a study of 41 year period the total number of autopsies as a result of ET pogibschih reached 280 that predstavlyavlet 1.67% (p 1, 5) the total number of autopsies. Average age of the victims of ET is 35,47 2,91 years and observed in the range of 1 to 83 years. The study Grupe dominated by males – 242 (86.43% p 4, 22), then as females are 38 (13.57% p 9, 39) for statistically significant difference (p 0,5). In 96 (34.28 p 9, 49) cases in the initial stage of the examination, not applicable to the data voltage electric current, in some cases makes the diagnostic process. Much of the information particularly important to to produce a forensic examination and diagnosis can be established during the inspection site proizshestviya.

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