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Test Acid3, which was created to help browser vendors ensure proper support for Web standards in their products, testing dynamic Web applications and Web 2.0 visual reproduction, including web-based fonts. Based on the J2ME and capable of operating on the phones of all types, BOLT could operate for about 3 billion mobile phones already are in use. Designed specifically for BlackBerry smartphones version supports all the features BOLT BOLT, as well as hot keys by default and optimize BlackBerry. Unique features include BOLT: – Full mapping Web sites as they appear on the desktop – Large speed of loading pages – streaming video from popular video sharing such as RuTube and YouTube – to the degree of data compression 24:1 – Copy and paste the text – Upload videos and photos Web sites directly from your browser – the only common browser based on WebKit with cloud computing – Six levels increases BOLT 1.7 New features also include: Widgets Although BOLT already demonstrated based on Internet technology applications written in Ajax, Javascript and other languages, Internet programming, such as the popular Facebook-play Mafia Wars and Google Docs, a BOLT 1.7 added functionality of widgets. Now in beta, widgets allow the user BOLT establish small independent Web applications that run directly from BOLT.

Due to the fact that these widgets are installed directly in BOLT, they load and run faster applications based on Web sites, providing users more choice of tools for their mobile phones. BOLT users can find, choose and install some web applications through a gallery of widgets BOLT. Widgets BOLT written as a W3C standard widgets (Www.w3.org/TR/widgets/). This standard is widely supported in the industry. Twitter integration now includes BOLT easier way to post tweets to Twitter.

In BOLT 1.7 features built into Twitter the browser itself. Now users can post tweets directly from BOLT during Web surfing. Given the fact that some are now using mobile phones can not support the full-size applications, and some ISPs restrict the size of downloadable applications, Bitstream also offers a stripped down version of mobile browser BOLT, BOLT Lite (TM). BOLT Lite includes all the basic functions of a mobile browser BOLT, preserving the rich capabilities functionality BOLT, best in class speed downloads and counting pages in the style of the PC in a smaller package that is optimized for low-level devices. BOLT and BOLT Lite available for free download at. Information about Bitstream Bitstream Inc. develops software technologies and applications graphic arts industry and mobile communications. Award-winning fonts and font technology Bitstream enable device manufacturers and developers of technology to reproduce the text of the highest quality in any language any device at any resolution. MyFonts trademark is a leading global supplier of fonts to consumers. Brand Bitstream Pageflex enables marketers to easily produce custom-made means of communication information in printed form, by e-mail and online. The last sentence of a mobile browser BOLT, already installed in millions of users worldwide since its release in February 2009 For more information, visit. Media Contact: John Sidlayn (John Sidline) Mobility Public Relations +1 503 989 5474 (mobile)

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