The vases TEMPERANCE symbolizes moderation and frugality. The discharge of liquid from pitcher top, sustained in the left hand, the lower, subject in the right hand, without wasting its contents symbolizes a great discipline and frugality. It expresses the serenity of the spirit that will rise above human miseries.Right: In General, we will understand it as very positive, it is sign of moderation, patience, adaptability, self confidence, speaks to us of a practical nature that knows how to adapt to the developments and has enough strength to overcome them if they are adverse.It is also a familiar figure, perhaps mother, radiates so confidence and serenity, our projects will be consolidated, it does not represent an ambitious person, but perhaps therein which seeks the Oracle will find harmony.Words careful clave:consideracion, patience, moderation, adaptation, composure, reflection. Patience joining two opposites, combining them carefully. Good marriage.

Working in harmony with others, ability to Directive. Something is being prepared. Great talent and creativity. Struggling for transcendence through work. Alchemy. The union of opposites refined by the fire of the will.Inverted: You can give us to understand that there are obstacles in our path, it can be an idealistic person who is working on an impossible project and perhaps good to rethink it.Clave:desorden, conflict, bad combination, fighting words. Possibility of shipwreck. Disorders. interpretations: in the concrete: great domain onto itself, harmony and materialization of those imagined wishes.At work: pleasant environment with tasks that are enjoyed.Money: there is fluidity and stability in revenues, have reservations.In friendship: sincere, faithful and long-lasting relationships.Family: harmony, tranquility and union.Health: care for lung capacity and blood pressure.In love: profound Union with the couple, unrequited love.

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