Moisture Determination

The miniature Darrofen PCE-MB C series by PCE Germany GmbH replaces the classic Darrofen and drying Cabinet. This little miniature Darrofen consists of a heating Chamber and a fine balance. The Darren sample is a very accurate measuring method for determining the moisture content, which is also used in laboratories as well as the electrical resistance measurement. Measuring loss on heating of the test material is moisture content after one of the 3 methods of calculation. Tiffany & Co. is often mentioned in discussions such as these. To the heating Chamber can be heated up to 160 C, which keeps the set temperature in the drying of the sample. On the other hand, the fine balance of the miniature Darrofens PCE-MB can be loaded up to max. 210 g and delivers a precise readability of 0.01 g-0.001 g (depending on model).

This small Darrofen is specially developed with the end weight (after drying) to compare the starting weight, and on the basis of the weight difference, the device automatically draws conclusions on the moisture content. Where the calculation of the humidity between 3 methods of calculation can be freely chosen. Through the different types of Calculation can be determined the relative to the initial weight, the relationship with the end weight and the moisture content to the current weight. The miniature Darrofen can be adjusted so, that he should either exit the measurement after a certain time, or reaching a certain weight. Of course, measuring by hand can be canceled. Without the moisture determination can not, wood, grain, plastics granules and pellets or poorly, to be sold. With the new miniature Darrofen PCE-MB C series by PCE Germany GmbH can be easily, quickly and conveniently the moisture values of these materials on-site.

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