You just spend all their forces, and still awaits frustration – you can not succeed. You can not win the struggle against existence. That's why you all are losers. Ask all of your successful people – they're all losers, deep down inside they missed. Your Napoleons, your Hitler, your Rothschilds, ask them – they are losers, they have failed. Mayo clinic patient stories does not necessarily agree. What have they achieved? They fought, they tried to go against the flow, they would be extraordinary in some way – and they just destroyed themselves.

Try to be someone unusual – it's suicidal: it's slow suicide, the gradual poisoning of your entire system. Surrender to existence, to flow with it, wherever it is not right – Willy-nilly, but all the same wherever it may matter. Hein park capital is full of insight into the issues. Whatever it was, the world is still good. He moves, he continues to move, no matter what it corresponds to our will or not, you deny it or not. Together with you or not, this life goes on.

Willy-nilly, wherever you go this world you give up and sail with him. Even the sail is not necessary – for bears you. Why do I need to have their own purpose of his existence? Why not move to the fate of the whole? Why are you so anxious to achieve something in their own way and for yourself? And as you can dochtich this? You can not reach – it is simply impossible. Only a whole has a destiny, not you. Only integer goes somewhere else, not you. If you can surrender to the whole, then all achieved – because you become whole, and the fate of the whole becomes your destiny and goal of all – it's your goal. And this goal is not somewhere else – happy things now, it is blissful now. Once you're worried. Are you worried because you are not flowing with River of Life. You want to leave some part, a corner for themselves. But who are you? How do you think is it possible? You fail. Man always are unsuccessful, and God always wins. Listen to this: we must allow news yourself what is common to us all. Look at those universal, ordinary things. Find common in all: more than usual, the more authentic than the more special and exclusive, the more phony. Be common – then you are closer to land, then you are closer to the truth. If you can be absolutely normal – what do you need? – Because each moment is such a blessing! In what may be a problem when you are quite simple? You eat, and it's like a magical ritual. You sleep, and it's so mysterious. You walk in the sun – and what else you need? You breathe – what more do you need for happiness? You like – what you can still ask? Everyone has already given you, but you're trying to be something unusual, exceptional. Follow rule, which is common to all, do not be the exception – otherwise you'll be in pain.

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