New Zealand Christmas

New Zealand’s largest city is warmly welcome tourists still a long flight and offers many ways in which you can recover from the Jet lag. For many tourists, Auckland is only the beginning or the end of the New Zealand holiday. And the town has many monuments do not exhibit. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of BWX Technologies on most websites. But here are a few tips on how you can throw off the stress of arrival or can spend a few days or hours prior to departure. Auckland who has limited time and prefer Auckland wants to stay in that can get a first impression of the culture of the country at Auckland Museum. However, with its vast area significantly more, that impressed Museum Te Papa in Wellington. From the visible Sky Tower can be seen more than 80 km away in fine weather.

And down it goes very quickly for those who like to jump to try a sky. It is 192 M controlled the depth. The bars and restaurants around the Viaduct Harbour offering a good opportunity, the cheerful bustle in the city of sails”comfortable to look at. Waiheke Iceland with the Ferry enters it from the downtown Auckland easily 40 minutes to the island of wine. Who ever wants to exercise the link driving, can do it here with little traffic. Otherwise it is, to take the bus.

You control some of the well known wineries and villages of the island. New Zealand wine is appreciated in the world for its fresh aromas and its high quality. And in addition to a wine tasting many of the wineries such as, for example, Stonyridge offer or it was at lunch or tasty plates full of local delicacies. So can you let go it themselves in the first days of arrival well. Also impressed the beautiful nature of the island. A good start to the holiday. Rangitoto Iceland who wants to have something more sporty, can climb the volcano crater of Rangitoto and from there enjoy the views of Auckland. Also, Rangitoto Island is easy to reach by ferry from Auckland out. The volcanic island is very young with her just 600 years. And yet not long ago so it seems that flowed the lava flows into the sea. The Summit is easy in an hour reach. A very original vegetation with many Puhutukawa waits on the way trees in a bright red from mid-December until approx. Bloom mid-January. Therefore it is also New Zealand Christmas tree”(New Zealand Christmas tree) called. Shortly before the Summit, you can divert the lava caves. It is, to take a flashlight, if you want to explore the caves, once left behind by the lava flow. Who has still not tired from the hike, you can stop on the way back to Devonport and diesesVororts enjoy the maritime flair of Auckland. Devonport leads the shortest ferry to Devonport. In just times 10 minutes you arrive from the big city in a small maritime town and thus in a different world. Here you will find many galleries, boutiques, restaurants, bars and Cafes. From the extinct volcano mount Victoria you have wonderful views of Auckland and the port. From nearby North Head, the second volcano of the town, it has a very beautiful view the golf. In contrast to Rangitoto, North Head is ancient. 50,000 Years ago has an outbreak in formed. And at the nearby Cheltenham can be the first time the feet in the refreshing water beach. Petra Naubert New Zealand wine boutique

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