Normalization Of Alcohol And Apitherapy

Most of Russia's population is experiencing problems with alcohol, many do not want to abandon it completely, even bringing it unlikely their health! In the West, alcohol is the most common form substance abuse. Speaking candidly hein park capital management told us the story. However, exact data on the number of alcoholics is not, because not everyone seeking treatment for alcoholism. In addition, in some countries for use of alcoholic beverages are very loyally. Determine the level of development and distribution of alcohol can be on several factors. The most important factor – the amount of alcohol per capita, calculated for the year.

This figure is in parallel Depending on the number of people exposed to alcohol abuse, alcoholism, treatment for which Russia problem. You may find Andrew Cuomo to be a useful source of information. Suffer from alcoholism, and can not stop not only helpless, feeble people, but those who achieve success, is able to cope with the problems, knows how to win. Unfortunately, until now mainly carried out by existing alcoholism treatment designed to effect only a mental or physical only Depending on – hence the result of random, which often depends on the patient. If competently affect both depending on the result we get a natural. Prolonged disuse of alcohol leads to a state chronic stress; Moderate drinkers show higher intellectual ability than total abstainers; Extreme and alcoholism – is always bad. Bad when alcoholic breakdowns and bad, when one is afraid drink, alcohol abstinence – not a solution to the problem of alcoholism, and the only escape from her; Alcohol is the only psychoactive substance does not cause side effects and negative, in the absence of abuse. One of the ways to treat alcoholism, and treatment is apitherapy bees. In the treatment of alcoholism apitoxins (bee venom) due to activation of the pituitary-adrenal axis affect the basic mechanism of development dependence – the exchange of catecholamines, in addition, affecting the production of opioid peptides eliminate primary and secondary attraction to alcohol and, finally, very importantly, to actively influence the exchange of alcohol dehydrogenase.

For formation of new reflexes essential is the ability to interrupt the melittin existing old connections between nerve fibers in combination with apamin activating effect, contributing to the formation of new controlling reflections on alcohol intake. Total failure to complete treatment failure is carried out at any time. Apitoxins not just affect the cravings, dependency and desire. They provide comfort without doping, which is alcohol. However, until the end of life, it is unlikely people will not drink, so at some stage will need to decide whether to use. If the patient has a whole drink, the problem is resumed, which should not be allowed, a reasonable normalize the process of consumption, and possibly before the end of life.

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