Paraphrasing Saints

Another important aspect in the analysis, differentiation between the historiogrfico field and the journalistic field are the question of the dramatizao of the facts, as already mentioned previously, this dramatizao serves to a economic interest that calls the attention the public and creates a common sense that is attracted by the clipping accurately. As reflected of the society the media also she is spokesman of the same one, it brings tona the plurality, of the voice to the kept out of society ones and has an enormous power of mobilization acting as well as transformation agent. Paraphrasing Saints (2009), the media is part of a transformation in march, where the new coexists with the old one, where the conditions techniques move radically and bring new realities front the dynamics of a new capitalism. ' ' It is clearly, with effect, that the different ones to be able, and in particular the governmental instances, act not only for the economic pressures that are in condition to exert, but also for all the authorized pressures for the monopoly of the legitimate information? especially of the official sources ' ' (Bourdieu, 1997. P. 103) In this perception we see a deep linking between the fields politician, economic and journalistic and as the mediation made for the media reflects speeches official and is also censured by the governing. Such situation places the journalists at the hands of the governing that for force of the politics or the economy they determine what it can and that cannot be published. Analyzing this internal censorship of the proper journalistic field Bonaldo when analyzing the journalistic writing, places that the journalists receive a filter from its publishers, who look in the notice the hook, based on style manuals, proper of the journalistic field, that they determine this priority that differentiates the journalistic focus of the historiogrfico focus. Studying the workmanship of Eduardo Bueno, Bonaldo makes a reflection on the limits and contradictions between the journalistic writing and the historiogrfica, thus differentiating the methods and the objectives of the same ones.

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