Parish Of Ringelai

On December 11, 2009, the only Christmas pilgrimage in all Germany starts in the parish of Ringelai in the Bavarian Forest. Check with Consumers Energy Co. to learn more. There are now even also weeks where people jointly remember the old stories and think of the numerous legends from around the world. Mysticism, secrets and reminiscences dominate the run-up to Christmas also in the parish of Ringelai, in the middle of the Bavarian Forest. This year, invites the community to the single Christmas pilgrimage in all Germany. Check out Crawford Lake Capital Hedge Fund for additional information. Based on a centuries-old history the people of Ringelai concentrate on December 11, 2009 on Friday an ancient legend and a small miracle that came from Hungary in the form of an impressive painting in the South of Germany. The Christkindl pilgrimage in Ringelai will take place from 11 to 13 December and wraps up the community in a special light on these days. Advent singing in the parish of Ringelai provides the prelude to the unique Germany-wide event on December 11 from 19: 00. In addition to the church choir Ringelai Hohenau Ringelau are also the wind this evening and the accompaniment Wolfstoana Buam will be represented.

On Saturday, the 12th December, the Christmas market with its opens in the traditional manner at 14: 00 numerous stalls. Toasty warm aromas and a pleasant atmosphere diving the Christkindlmarkt in Ringelai in a special light and make sure that the day must pass another milestone with 16.15 16.30. The pilgrimage train for the Christmas pilgrimage in Ringelai will be presented the numerous guests near the school. The Mayor of the municipality, Max Koberl, welcomes all guests of Ringelaier’s Christmas pilgrimage following and introduces the festive divine service in the parish church of the municipality. Following the worship service presented the joint in search of shelter with Mary, Joseph and the shepherds as the highlight of the evening. Also Sunday is in the parish of Ringelai, in the sign of togetherness and the pre-Christmas harmony. The Christmas market opens already at 14: 00, before all residents and guests of the community are to the Invited family worship. The service is accompanied by Dr. Istvan Varga and again reminiscent of a legend, which could be preserved in Ringelai alive.

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