And saw something completely different, I saw the mistakes that perhaps the author did not catch the eye. Hence, the author thanks criticism may rise to a new level of understanding of photography, look at their work in new ways. This will give the author a chance in the future not to repeat their mistakes set new goals and overcome new frontiers. Is it because in the East there is a proverb: "He who praises me – my enemy! One who scolds me – my teacher! "Well, but chose a different path – the path of rejection of any criticism – danger fossilize in their ignorance. The author can, holding resentment, to assume that it is not understood, consider yourself an unrecognized genius.

And then the plunge into all serious and start their negative assessments "revenge" neponyavshim it. With either foaming at the mouth to start proving that he was shot – the height of perfection! Indeed, the author, self-righteous, can logically and the points to prove that his image has such and such a dignity, after all logically possible prove anything! Only trouble! – Picture does not improve on these "mental evidence, it does not understand his audience, and will not understand. Such is still photography gizmo: Here the author explained everything the audience in words, as it was necessary to understand his genius fotoshedevr. A viewer of this has not become easier! Photo-has remained exactly as he was! Photographic images – and this is the whole point! – Should speak for itself, otherwise it is – not Art! If the author begins to blanch my photo verbal excuses – this is the way in , that is, into the abyss.

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