Psychiatry Death

“Actor Ernst Hannawald to the exhibition Psychiatry: death”: “This great work is done!” Munich. On Friday April 18, 2008 the actor Ernst Hannawald (48) for the first time visited the exhibition of Commission for violations of against human rights e.V. (KVPM) psychiatry. He praised the workers for the great exhibition, which will be shown in the Michael Schwanthaler str. . 1 in Munich until 29 April. The artist was surprised, when he found his picture on one of the 14 screens 22 stars and artists.

After intensive discussions with the human rights defenders through their tireless efforts against blatant abuses of Psychiatry, the volunteers are pleased about the appreciative words of Hanna forest: “I agree with the form of the exhibition ‘ Psychiatry: death ‘ solidarity despite my prejudices against the Scientology Church, which I can not establish that that certainly from the media reports stemming.” Detection of Abuses in psychiatry is that our country’s (and the world) long overdue! Personally I find that great work is being done in this exhibition.” Bernd Trepping, CEO of KVPM Germany e.V.: “Mr Hannawald is a very courageous man with amazing knowledge of inhuman practices of psychiatrists.” A current top of German scientists is currently out in the exhibition premises, that psychotropic drugs (Neuroleptics) increase the death rate of patients actually up to 20.

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