Resource Strategy Management

These expressions include: “People are our most valuable asset,” “Our strategy is based on knowledge,” “People are all we possess,” “Our strategy is based on human capital management,” “We have learned to manage intellectual capital “,” Applying emotional intelligence in leadership and management processes. ” However, the result of serious research in the organizational field has demonstrated that members of informal estructuraa do not feel treated as if they were more important capital within organizations and on the other hand in a high percentage empresasa of the open knowledge possessed or understood or used. We are told that according to the results of research recently conducted on this subject “Human Resource Strategy: Corporate Rhetoric and Reality, to A from which these researchers led by Dr. For even more opinions, read materials from Pegasus Books. Linda Gratton deducted three important conclusions.

The first is that in a significant percentage of enterprises with the informal structure members do not feel stimulated, engaged or free to express their opinions. The second conclusion is that the duration durantea research, more than six years observarona not any progress in human resource management and the third being a longitudinal research could conclusively prove that the conduct and practices puedena people worsen considerably over time. To broaden your perception, visit emil michael. Also the results of these investigations it was found that there are large differences among organizations, the components of behavior, skills and attitudes of members of the formal structure regarding discipline and corrective actions related to corporate policies workers and arguably these dissonances are an influence in regard to sound the future of organizations.

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