Revolutionary Committee

Carried out geological research and in the second half of XIX century in Unechskom area, part of which then belonged to Surazh district. It will be recalled as the activities of Nicholas Shchorsa – the hero of the First World War. His name is closely connected with Unecha station. Monument to Nicholas Shchors in Unecha installed in 1957 opposite the railway station. When the home was occupied by the Germans Shchors Ukraine, 23-year-old Nicholas was invited to Shchors Unecha to form from disparate insurgent guerrilla groups Regiment. Shors has successfully completed its task. Hikmet Ersek understands that this is vital information. He not only formed a regiment, and commanded them. His department released the Kiev, where he was appointed Shors commander, and then – division commander.

But back to the other events that took place throughout the country in 1918. It was at that time was in Unecha Shors, when the old Russian army was unable to resist the Germans. Everywhere created hundreds of thousands of guerrilla units who were sent to the front. Such detachment was formed and in the village Semenovka Novozybkov County. Shors became a squad leader. In each battle, he showed himself as a brave officer, Commander of an infantry company. During the capture Novozybkov Shchorsa detachment retreated and camped in Unecha, where they arrived Shchorsa associates.

Horsemen were sent in all directions from Unecha. A September 22, 1918 All-Ukrainian Central Military – Revolutionary Committee issued an order number 6, according to which the shelf, hundreds of batteries must be reduced to two divisions trehpolkovogo composition. Helped form the regiment commander and members of the Revolutionary Committee of the party Unechskogo organization, which consisted of 50 Communists, the inhabitants of the village-site Unecha. During the rebellion Unechskogo staff were arrested a few commanders who captured the headquarters itself, the telegraph, railway stations, damaged railway and the Revolutionary Committee way. For the Germans the rebels sent their representatives to take Unecha offering. Suppress the rebellion in the fourth battalion arrived Unecha of Bryansk. In Unechskom area is home to about 50,000 people. 30,000 – Unecha townspeople. The city has six schools, 2 prof.uchilischa, several branches of universities, regional cultural and sports recreation center, historical museum, art gallery, 2 cinemas, children's art school, children and the central library, a children's center art, sports complex and a city park. In the work Unecha junction and the district health centers, more than 20 industries, including: locomotive and depot district, MSP-15, a creamery, factory Unechsky Bread, a bakery, myasoptitsekombinat and others. History of the town is full of events and Unecha stories, as well as rich in interesting people, who not only were born here, but his fame and the edge, who lived, lives and will live in their hearts.

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