Rules Against Cellulite

Reduces salt: salt retains fluids and causes tissues to swell you. You also have to reduce the consumption of sugars and fats that behave like complex digestive processes which facilitate the occurrence of toxins and degenerate adipose tissue, in addition to promoting weight gain and the appearance of cellulite. Renounced the coffee and cigar: both are hypertensive, reduce the diameter of the vessels, reduces the amount of blood that reaches the periphery of the body and prevent oxygenation of the tissues. Say No to alcohol: favour the retention of liquids, the appearance of cellulite and swelling of the legs, in addition to having a high caloric content. Drink plenty of water: cleanses the body and helps to eliminate liquids and toxins.

The ideal is to take two litres a day, starting with a glass on an empty stomach. You try to take some natural diuretic as water from grapefruit without sugar, or fruit juice antioxidant without sugar, which help you to eliminate liquids in a way more quick. Prevents stay long standing or sitting: If for work purposes have be long quiescent, it seeks to stretch your legs once in a while. Sit properly: with knees parallel and your feet flat on the floor, do not cross legs that you difficulty the movement. Take precautions with contraceptives: estrogen in oral contraceptives, favor the appearance of cellulite and fluid retention. If you have cellulite or are prone to it assesses the possibility of using other contraceptive means. Not to the high heel: Besides causing pain in the feet, hinder the circulation of blood.

The heel should be a measure of between 3 and 5 centimeters. Forget the very tight clothes: If you do not want to have cellulite, forget just snug to the body, since they are a major obstacle to the circulation and is the main cause of the appearance of cellulite. Fight against constipation: loose bowel is an ally of cellulite, you should take a diet rich in water, fiber, fruits and vegetables. Beam exercise: physical activity is a training that in addition to promoting the burning of calories, prevents the accumulation of fat, tones muscles and promotes circulation. So practice some sport aerobic as swimming, running, spinning, etc if you follow all these recommendations you will best be guaranteed!! and don’t forget to always carry a good supply.

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