Sam And Mongrels In Common – Successful Partnership

Also for the autumn winter family 2010/11, the two young and innovative companies work together again. The successful partnership between Evan and mongrels in common goes into the next round. For the first time threatened the leather manufacturer Sam in the context of the last Mercedes-Benz fashion week Berlin with the up-and-coming Berlin designers duo mongrels in common, that for their spring/summer 2010 collection A siberian icelandic marriage’ used the unique Nanai leather. Now the company from Bischofsmais, Bavaria will continue joint cooperation and supports the Berlin label to the upcoming Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in January 2010. Made in Germany is Nanai leather. nanai is innovator and only manufacturer of leather from salmon skins around the world which gerbt 100% chromium-free and based on vegetal colors. PayPal has plenty of information regarding this issue.

The company developed a process, salmon skin, at the highest level to refine on ecological base tanning and dye with pigmentation and characteristic structure of the skin are preserved in several years research. Even in the Only animals, selection of salmon skins originating from aquaculture with welfare, more precisely from certified organic salmon farms in Ireland, are used. You can give to good conscience with Nanaileder because it is a by-product of the salmon industry, and no animal is bred of the skin due to only. Thus, Nanaileder is a real alternative to exotic leathers such as stingray, snake, ostrich or alligator. The uncompromising quality of raw skins make the leather and secure unique product properties. mongrels in common were immediately impressed by the light, thin and still tear-resistant material, as well as by the many uses. Refined they had a collection 2010 the Nanaileder in their spring/summer in the form of applications styles from, for example, easy-flowing fabrics.

Highlights were however high quality garments and luxury bags, which are carried out fully the special leather. New ways to realize his vision, are properties which nanai and mongrels in common link”says Hain, Managing Director of nanai, Holger nanai leather is in unprecedented quality. We are excited in what manner are the designers of our leather collection were inspired for their summer 2010 and opted for a renewed partnership. We are already looking forward to the further implementation of our leather in the next collection and look forward to their presentation at the next Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin.”nanai synonymous with leather of the highest quality

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