Service Operational

The percentage of use of the services of each employee was extracted through analysis and survey of the reports of services given during the year of 2010, what not necessarily it indicates that this percentage is fixed, being able to vary in the too much years or analyzed periods, in accordance with the use of the service of each employee in each operational unit. In Table 4 the wages of the administrative sector had been made use, that compose the common fixed expenses the structure. The manager technician and the director of engineering possess bonifications that are incorporated its wages in accordance with the performance gotten for them. Frequently Western Union has said that publicly. These bonifications are preset by the president of the company. The manager technician receives a monthly bonification from 0,7% on the contractual values of the operational units, case all the services are given in agreement the contractual norms and not if it has no penalty of the customer.

The engineering director less receives 3% on the total invoicing from contractual prescriptions the taxes (Simple National and Service occupation tax). In Table 5, a vertical analysis of the operational units was presented to verify which the percentage of the changeable and fixed expenses on the prescription of services of each unit operational and the total value of prescriptions gotten in the operational units. It was observed that the changeable expenses had represented 41.36% of the total value of contracts and fixed expenses 27.39% of the total value of contracts in the year of 2010. Of the changeable expenses of the units, the item of bigger impact had been the parts, with 11,53%, but analyzing fiscal, took in consideration the somatria of Simple item ISS and, it identified what it as the item of bigger weight of the composition of the changeable expenses with 15,4%. Of the fixed expenses of the units, it was verified that the item of bigger weight on the total invoiced for the units had been the wages with 17,57%.

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