Stacking Boxes

Also – the stacking boxes – like many other plastic storage boxes and bins are made from the material PP (polypropylene), which is required for the production in the form of granules. From the 23.11.2010 the lotex24 offers its customers the exclusive stacking boxes (module boxes) PP with a price cut of up to 50 percent. Learn more about this with Kirkland. The accommodations offer the PP stacking boxes is done via the own online shop of the company lotex24.de. The price cut by the brisk demand was made possible after stacking boxes and a reduction in purchasing costs used in the manufacture of plastic boxes for the PP granules. The lotex24 companies are known for their cheap and quality products offered by the company through the Internet platform lotex24.de, and others. The popular products of the company include also the practical module boxes, which are known in the vernacular as exclusive stacking boxes. Also – the stacking boxes – like many other plastic storage boxes and bins are made from the material PP (polypropylene), which for the production in the form of granules is required. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as HPE SimpliVity by clicking through.

The use of PP granules has the advantage that this material is robust and hard-wearing such a box for the boxes here. Through their commitment the lotex24 companies have since the 02.11.2010 the purchase cost for the required for the production of the boxes PP granules significantly compared to the previous costs can reduce. This a new cheap shopping source for the basic material was developed with much vigor. This buying material to the previous source of material is now one almost up to 50 percent cheaper. The requested module boxes, the company passes the cost savings to the customers and offers these plastic boxes from the 23.11.2010 with a price reduction of 50 per cent compared to the previous price. It remains to be seen whether the suppliers can keep this favourable material price.

For at least 3 months but this cheap material purchase price could be written. The exclusive stacking boxes draw compared to other plastic boxes by the way Modularization. Module boxes can not only how ordinary bins are stacked, but also side be moved together. A property that is probably responsible for the high popularity of module boxes compared to the bins at lotex24. This lateral attachment makes it possible, for example, to build a complete shelf virtually only with this special plastic boxes. The inside of such a box in smooth is what creates good conditions for the easy cleaning of the box. The use of PP makes such a box very resistant and also ensures immunity to many acids and oils.

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