Childrens Infectious Diseases

WHOOPING COUGH (PERTUSSIS) and PARAKOKLYUSH (PARAPERTUSSIS) etiology. Pertussis is a gram-negative bacillus Bordet fixed – Zhang (B. pertussis) with rounded ends. Good staining with aniline dyes, bacteria more rapidly perceive color at its poles. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala has much experience in this field. Pathogen parakoklyusha morphologically identical with the causative agent of whooping […]

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Returned Prostatitis

Complete cure prostate – it is really a sore point for many men. In principle, I never said that guarantee a final victory over prostatitis. And not a clever doctor or healer will not say so. More accurate and would be correct that the purpose of treatment to achieve the most long-term remission (a period […]

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