Steam Fungal Control

We all love spending time with the comfort of our bathrooms in an intimate atmosphere and spotlessly clean. But to keep this clean, care must be taken to the bathroom there was no mold or mildew, that not only can damage the tiles, but also cause serious harm to human health. Due to the nature […]

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New Holland Tractors

New Holland Tractors of agricultural land, varying in engine power and weight were represented in the samples and brochures of JSC "Minitex-M". Most small tractors – a series of 66 S with engine capacity of Fiat 44,1-58,8 kW., weight machines 2270-2960 kg. Rental of construction equipment of this type available with the company 'Golden Age'. […]

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Technique For Prevention Of Forest Fires

Summer 2010 dawned unusually 'hot'. According to meteorologists, such high temperatures has never happened before. Heat exhausts people forced to flee the stifling cities into the countryside. But the 'hot' summer was not only due to temperature. K hot air they may be more or less able to adapt. The greatest danger was forest and […]

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