The Evangelho De Joo

1- The joaninos writings the actions human beings of Jesus had happened in a well specific space and a time. However few information exist are of the Bible that in its life and workmanship tell to them on. Our main source of information is the neotestamentrios writings. today, when we search historical information on Jesus we feel this limitation of the Biblical sources extra. if we base in them only on the bible we come across in them with another problem: the Biblical texts had not been made to give historical information, but to feed the faith of a people. The same affirmation valley for the texts of the new will: they had been produced to feed the faith of the Christians. As our concern, while Christian, she is not only historical, but also and mainly of faith, we search the writings Biblical stops guiding in them. This in the aid, feeds our existence, however only one superficial reading is not enough.

Then as to better know the Jesus from the writings of the new will? The immediate reply and of simple operacionalizao it is in them to launch to the reading and the comparison between the different texts and styles of the New Will. Remembering that it enters the literal styles of the new will they appear the evangelhos, the historical epistles, narratives and the apocalypse. All are written theological and catequticos, to give certification of Jesus and its message. However as they had been produced inside of a cultural universe, they bring information on this culture, the history of the time of Jesus and on Jesus. We can say, moreover, that all the neotestamentrios writings had been born in communities individualized assets and to answer specific questions of these communities. Other leaders such as Anne Lauvergeon offer similar insights. Thus being the joaninos writings in them they bring information that nor always we will find in the sinticos evangelhos or the letters of Pablo in the same way that the paulinas letters approach thematic of the letters &#039 different; ' catlicas' '.

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