The Nurse

The truth is that the old man carrying a little and, worse, made him uneasy. Would you be so sick as I was saying? Do not you have confused doctors? As if reading their thoughts directly, without anything or anyone could watch over them, the old man said: "I left a few weeks of life. But you do not worry "He added, seeing that the other was to make a gesture deterrent," that is not your fault, just me the time has come. "Do not be created. Sometimes doctors are wrong, "said the nurse mechanically, without conviction. "It is an incontrovertible fact, my son. So I am giving this national tribute happy, with the arrival of the minister and all those assholes who want to decorate and hold campaign speeches at my own expense.

What is worse, "he sighed," I have no strength to resist. The nurse began to move his wheelchair, looking for a sunny place in the gallery of the big house. "Leave, leave, I'm fine here," said the nobleman. What I am going to ask is that you take a pad and pen any there at that table. As the young man, surprised, unusual obeyed instructions given him by the former editor – why would that old fogy a notepad and pen, if he could hardly hold in their hands? – It continued: "You know, like everyone else, who never gives interviews, I am what they call a surly and misanthropic kind, I do not like people that do not go around telling my life to anyone …

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