The Strawberry – Queen Of Berries

Interesting facts and tips about the popular summer fruit. Certainly God would provide a better Berry as the strawberry, but also no doubt he didn’t do it. Izaak Walton, 1593-1683 the history of strawberries were already known by our ancestors in the stone age. However, there were at that time only the wild strawberry. In the middle ages, it was cultivated on large surfaces. Already at that time, methods were developed to make sooner or later ripen strawberries. However nothing settled on the fruit size change.

They remained little fingernail-size. The solution to the problem came with the discovery of the new world. French settlers found a larger fruit species that was introduced to Europe in the 18th century as American Scarlet Strawberry along the St. Lawrence River. In Virginia, English settlers discovered another form of scarlet strawberry, which was well ahead of the wild strawberry. Thus the wild strawberry was quickly pushed back from growing in the forest. The botanist Amedee-Francois Frezier 1714 discovered the Chile strawberry, which had very large fruit.

Since the Chile strawberries were however dioecious, so purely male and in female flowering plants recorded, and not enough flowers were fertilized, yields were low. The Breton farmers realized the reason first and put the Chile strawberries between the Scarlet strawberries. With this method, the French had so much success that daily 20 ships with strawberries could be loaded from 1750 in the port of Brest in the high season. The garden strawberry, which we know today, is a hybrid that emerged from pollinated with pollen of scarlet Strawberry flowers of Chile strawberries. She emerged around 1750 in Amsterdam and was by the Dutch because of its taste and the form of the pineapple Strawberry”called (brace ananassa). The acquisition moderate cultivation in Germany began 1840 close to Baden-Baden. Its Botany is the strawberry to the rose family.

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