Treaty Relationship

The activity of each tourist enterprise associated with the formation of a large number of agreements (contracts) with business partners (tour operators and travel agents), service providers, insurance companies, consumers tourism services. Along with the existing legislation is an essential tool contract governing the relationship between market players. He advocates an integral part of the preparation, conclusion and execution of any business transaction. Tourism in its basic characteristics do not have any fundamental differences from other forms of economic activity. Therefore, all the existing rules of the contract may be fully applied in tourism enterprises.

The contract – the most common legal fact, which generates the required relationship. At the same time it is a legal means of establishing property rights – ownership, economic management, operational management, and others contract as a legal fact characterized by the fact that the result of concerted action by those involved in his custody. This is different from events which also give rise to civil relations. From other legal facts, brings to life the relationship, the contract also differs in that it not only activates the law governing relationship of the parties of the contract, but also establish, in accordance with the laws (and even with the departure from the rule of law diapozitivnyh) content emerged on the basis of civil legal relations, but also can determine the liability of the parties to the case of nonperformance or improper performance of their contractual obligations. This can not be said of other legal facts (for example, administrative acts that give rise to civil relations, and unilateral transactions).

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