Universal Declaration

Do not shoot the arrow that can turn against you. Kurdish proverb is awesome as each day are made reference to human rights, many pages have been written in many national newspapers about the violation of human rights. We were not surprised, many journalists to write articles on human rights, where they manifested their protest that many times they have been violated in the practice of his profession. Everything indicates that that commitment to legal substance incorporated as ideal use in the Universal Declaration of human rights of 1948, is today forgotten, especially its legal form mandatory, while he managed just in 1966 when the general Assembly enacted the international covenants of civil and political rights and economic, social and cultural rights. The truth is that for the first time in its history, the UN has a legal basis, raise awareness and specified, in its efforts to ensure human rights, but, at the same time, as pointed out by Dr. Tomuschat, of the University of Bonn, disbanded the unit in these human rights standard.

There are on the one hand, the United States, which rectified both Covenants, and on the other, those who have only forced to observe the fundamental principles of the Charter, that there are many older and less suitable for its legal implementation. Therefore, mention may be, that the Universal Declaration of human rights of 1948 and both human rights covenants of 1966, which is called The international Hill of Human Rights have been complemented by a series of declarations, mainly issued by the General Assembly and by international conventions that relate to specific problems of the protection of human rights. At present, the fundamental situation of human rights, have with the fear of expressing many States, from the classical Word human rights can be poorly used as a pretext for disregarding the mandate of non-intervention in the internal affairs of other peoples. Especially as in the case of Cuba, socialist countries, Communist China, which on the basis of this position and as Tomuschat refers it, consequently share the point of view that the UN should confine itself to the task of sitting right, being the implementation and control of the level of human rights an issue that rests solely with the different States, with the exception of extreme cases. Consider that in a destroyed world is unable to speak of the quality of life. Therefore, ensuring peace and justice is only a distant goal indirectly protect human rights.

For the creation of such conditions, the UN has precisely with institutions that are more appropriate to deal with the complexity of reality. Bodies engaged in the protection of these rights must be limited its focal field – without incurring simplificante ingenuity, acting with its conscious effort – to wonder, if men suffer injustices. Take into account, that the fundamental conception of human rights is that each individual, regardless of the changing political situation, enjoy protection against the public power. Life, health, and freedom of the citizens must respect any State any time. We trust and hope that human rights be a concrete reality in its application and protection by the UN and that all outrage is duly noted and drastic measures in this respect are taken by any State that violates it.

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