Always. With inflation, with hunger, with the military, with democracy, with any of our pest and eternal curses. And if one day there is no grass, a neighbor has and gives you. Yerba is not denied to anyone. This is the only country in the world where the decision to stop being a boy and start being a man happens one day in particular.

None of long pants, circumcision, University or living away from parents. Here started to be big day we have the need to take a few mates, alone for the first time. It is no coincidence. It is not because Yes. The day that a boy puts the boiler fire and takes his first mate without having anyone at home, in that minute, is because it has discovered that it has a soul. It is dead of fear, or love, or something is dead: but it is not one ordinary day. We none of us remember the day we make a single mate for the first time.

But it must have been an important day for each one. On the inside there are revolutions. Single matte is nothing more and nothing less than a demonstration of values is the solidarity of bancar those washed mates because the talk is good, talk, not mate.! It is respect for the times to talk and listen, you speak while the other socket and vice versa. It is the sincerity to say: enough, change the grass! It is done Fellowship time. It is sensitivity to the boiling water. It is the affection for ask, stupidly, do is hot, no? It is the modesty of whom are priming the best Matt. It is the generosity of giving until the end. It is the hospitality of the invitation. It is the Justice of one by one. It is the obligation of saying thank you, at least once a day. It is the attitude ethics, Frank and loyal to be found without major pretensions to share. Now you know, a mate is not only a Calentas mate your water? I put the grass? We enjoy the city walking slowly taking a bitter mate? If you arrive our city and we communicate, are invited to a morning quiet of friendship and sharing our culture. At the afternoon, that same mate bitter or sweet is accompanied with an unforgettable sunset over the Rio de la Plata. HEALTH FRIEND.

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