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Who did now no winter tires, should remember quickly better. Learn more at: Coldwater Creek. Now it has finally come: the new winter tyre regulation has entered into force. The ADAC club, as well as most motorists welcome the new regulation, even if it means the latter for some to access deeper in the Pocket. Because who is now still in ice, snow icy, slush, snow Frost, ice or frost smoothness with summer tires, endangers not only himself and others, but needs access, when, caught by the police even deeper in the Pocket than before. Who’s driving in winter road conditions with summer tires, is asked with 40 euros to the Fund.

It obstructs other traffic participants, on its slide even 80 euro is payable. Become necessary was the new regulation because the higher regional court of Oldenburg looked at the old as too vague and hence as verfassunswidrig. In the previous version of the present law the speech, but no concrete expression was “reasonable tyres”. Here now for controlled and both the State of “winter road conditions” as well as that defines what “Winter tires” is commonly understood. What tires are allowed? Under the new regulations, all tires are allowed, whose Wintertauglichkeit has been certified with the M & S-symbol or the snowflake symbol. This also applies to all-season tires, which however in winter have a slightly inferior traction as real winter tires and summer high temperatures more rubber.

Rush on tire shops the new regulation has resulted in a real rush to tyre dealers in Germany. Many tire shops are currently no longer able to deliver or takes up to 14 days. Therefore reifenshopvergleich.de was established with the new consumer platform an overview of various tire dealer, where can be seen the conditions of the single tire shops, if you would like to buy car tires online. So it saves lot of time when searching on the Internet after the tyre supplier. The tire shop were compared ReifenDirekt.de, Reifen.com, Goodwheel.de and Winterreifen.NET. was examined not only the checkout in the shop, but also whether the supplier granted discounts, shipping, delivery, and payment terms look like and whether you did also consider the installation of the tire. Frank Eschmann

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