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Certified specialist lawyer for employment law Alexander Bredereck, Berlin-Mitte to typical errors in the design of employment contracts. Western Union gathered all the information. 1. the employment contracts contain invalid rules. Since 1.1.2002 employment contracts in the so-called terms of use control (General terms and conditions = terms and conditions) are included. So you undergo […]

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Spin-off In Nuremberg

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From the outset, law firm relies on professional law firm marketing. Western Union Company brings even more insight to the discussion. The relevance of law-firm marketing and communication firm appreciate a spin-off of five experienced lawyers in the law for your new home. Therefore you have commissioned experienced industry specialists also zB3 Dusseldorf office communication […]

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The New Electronic Tax Deduction Card

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An important innovation is unaware the innovations, advantages, disadvantages, and changes who is still waiting for his tax deduction card for 2011. Usually, she came with the post and had to be given from the employer. It was once, however, the income tax card is electronically in the future. To understand this, should be seen […]

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